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Ning at the LAHC Annual Conference


Latin American Heads Conference

Latin American Heads Conference

Every year the Headmasters of the British Schools in Latin America meet to talk about progress, development and better techniques to improve education.
This year, the LAHC Annual Meeting will have place in Bogotá-Colombia, at Colegio Gran Bretaña. It is always a pleasure to discuss educational topics with the headmasters from our neighbor countries, but this year is special. Not even the Swine Flu has been able to stop this meeting and one of its central events, the launch of the LAHC Social Network, LAHC at Ning. 


Ning is a social platform that allows people with the same interests to be in one webpage, promote communication, exchange of information and engage in discussion. In today’s world, communication is essential, but not only that. There must be an increased efficiency in the connectivity network, to be in one network that can allow you to discuss important topics in forums, showing information (using multimedia functions), sending messages and invitations for specific people, etc. Ning offers any group of people to form a social platform to interact in a centralized way.

The LAHC’s neccesities of communication and integration will have a great tool in the LAHC at Ning community to take advantage of the free Web 2.0 resources available. The LAHC Network was prepared from St. George’s College for Latin America, offering their expertise in the ICT area.

James Norbury, as Headmaster, and Gerardo Lazaro, as ICT Coordinator, will be traveling to Bogota in the next hours to launch the LAHC network.

We will have more news when coming back from the meeting, our visit will also serve to strengthen the links between St. George’s and other schools to promote collaborative projects and continuous communication to continue developing our expertise in education and ICT.

See you back from Bogota.



  1. Can’t wait to know about your meeting in Bogota. For sure it was more than productive!!


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