Posteado por: glazaro | agosto 8, 2008

Our mission: Merging Education and Technology

When you learn a new thing, whatever it is, takes some time. That is called the learning curve, once yo get over the curve things turn out to be easier than initially imagined. That is so true for learning how to ride a bike, reading, writing or using Web 2.0 technology in your classroom.

As an eduator, you are under the obligation to be ahead of the curve, and technology is as powerful as a tool as any other new tool previously implemented (paper, chalk, acrylic board, Smart Board, etc.)

Educating is an ever-changing practice, sometimes slowly and other times very fast. As a technology user, I think that the trends of technology use in students puts us in the situation of becoming techology learners so we can become technology-guiders.

That´s why becoming familiar with current Web 2.0 tools is a necessity, because with or without us students are using technology more and more, and there’s no sign that its use will be reduced any time soon.

Training is our motto. At St. George’s College we offer training to our teachers in many aspects, and technology is not an exception. On July 21st, we continued a solid trend of technological training, offering sessions that covered how to use a Smart Board or Interactive White Board, to web 2.0 tools to achieve bookmarking, handling of image and video-capturing and editing software, RSS feeds tools, and the implementation of these resorces in the classroom.

There is still a long road to go. But the first solid steps have been taken. This blog is our portal to share our experiences, if you want to know more about our institution, please visit



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