Posteado por: castanlucy | julio 26, 2008

The Use of Technology in ESL

From my perspective as an english language teacher I see the use of technology very beneficial for the objectives an ELT has. I celebrate the strong interest in urging our teachers to update their knowledge about the use of internet in our lessons and so work at todays students’ demands and interests.
Nowadays teachers should be immersed in all this world of technology where our students grow day by day. Certainly, technology is a tool to enhance second language learning and boost language skills, however, it is a tool the teacher controls and adapts for the students’ progress in the language. Hence, the teacher becomes a facilitator, a guide who leads and monitors the learner autonomous learning. Paradoxically, as many erroneously might have thought, the use of technology will never replace the teacher. On the contrary, the teacher is required to be there, his/her presence is crucial for the learner to learn. No one but the teacher knows what the learner limitations and achievements are. S/he knows what the learner needs to reinforce by working on special designed software. Moreoever, teachers should be familiar enough with the resources to be used to anticipate technical problems and limitations. Students need the reassuring and motivating presence of a teacher in CALL (Computer Assisted Language  Learning)environments. Not only are they needed during the initial learning curve, they are needed to conduct review sessions to reinforce what was learned. Encouraging students to participate and offering praise are deemed important by students. Most students report preferring to do work in a lab with a teacher’s or tutor’s presence rather than completely on their own.The use of Technology at St. George’s College is becoming a very important issue for all our school community and I do celebrate this is happening. It means we are moving forwards togehter with the new trends in education.


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